Food Products and Supplements

We are suppliers to the food manufacturing industry which hold certification with the Organic Food Federation for a range of Organic products, and, FEMAS certification for our range of Feed Ingredients for use in animal feed and other type of food products which are not required under any special certification.

Our expertise and knowledge of ingredients has been developed with market experience within the industrial food sector and we adapt to continuous change in an evolving market place in order to meet our customer needs and expectations.

We are extremely proud of the long-term relationships built with our network of global supply chain partners and strive to source and provide high quality ingredients to meet all aspects of food safety and quality to meet the needs of the market.

Our special scope in food products are included in following categories :

Sea Food: frozen and unfrozen Fishes and Shrimps and related products
Saffron: Bulk and processed types
Seeds: Grains, Nuts, Legumes, Cereals and etc.
Tea: Black and Green with different aromas