About Us

Elite Basket is a company that operates on a global and diverse scale in most of the various collections in various industries and businesses.

We are the largest importer of saffron from Afghanistan and Iran . As a group we are looking to source the best quality of saffron for our clients based on their specific requirements and their pricing . We started our journey in 2015 as a small importer and have created a clientele which are industry leaders .This B2B journey was based on quality control & pricing . With YOY growth of more than 300 percent we have achieved a place in saffron sourcing as not only the leader but also the point where a client can get quality product without any adulteration .

Strong Infrastructure:

Elite Basket was established in 2019. Our story stretches back more than 5 years ago and encompasses several predecessor companies and the inspiring work of 30 people. It is a highly recognized and successful conglomerate. Founded in 2019, Elite Basket manages wide range or chain and resale supplies under management on behalf of over international and institutional clients and suppliers across the world.

The business is a fully private company that is led by a solid core of professional managers and staffs.

We draw on over 5 years of successful management insight into providing goods and services for different markets. Over 30 employees spread across the company activities which are divided in different companies and supplies. We trade in a wide variety of sectors, including those aligned with Elite Basket businesses: Food Products and Supplements, Sea Foods and Shrimps, Saffron, Grains, IT and API, Electronics, Petrochemicals, Row Materials of different industries. And etc.

• Elite Basket is not politically affiliated with any group or organization.

• We maintain a strong degree of independence and believe in delivering results. Consequently, we have become a trusted third party between successive companies within the countries and partners around the world.

The Elite Basket Advantage:

We have a deep and broad network that gives us unparalleled insight into many sectors and unprecedented access to most suppliers and customers needs. Elite Basket core business philosophy is to conduct business with uncompromising integrity and professionalism. Being genuine is our core for competency in area.

Company Mission and Values:

Our mission is to own and develop financially disciplined businesses that are leaders in responsibility, providing best products and services with superior branded products to target markets.

• We will grow our leadership advantage through our people, our culture and our business partners.

• We will help to solve social issues important to our business, stake holders and communities.

• We offer our customers enjoyable products and variety of services choices.

• We are generating sustainable growth and long-term value for our customers and chain of suppliers.

Core Competencies:

Our long-term commitments to our values and beliefs have made us what we are today. The following section will give you an idea of what we care about and what we’ve done.

We support our customers by quality and trust. Customers of Elite Basket are our credential partners to whom we trust.